Boost Your Salesforce Adoption with Spekit

Looking for a better approach to tracking changes and creating trainings across your organization’s many applications? Check out Spekit, the digital adoption platform geared toward allowing teams to automatically track key processes, maintain up-to-date training and establish a consistent learning experience across all applications.

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The Hireforce team met Spekit co-founders, Melanie and Zari, at Dreamforce ‘18 and were blown away by their energy and drive to create an optimal experience for Salesforce users. A big congrats from the Hireforce team to Spekit on their recent seed round funding and WIT Diversity Scholarship! We’re looking forward to the positive impacts Spekit will bring to the Salesforce ecosystem. 

Follow @spekitapp and @hireforceteam on Twitter to find out about upcoming events and Dreamforce ‘19 sessions!

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